Internetquest Services

Internetquest Services. Below is a list of services offered by Internetquest

Web Design

We design websites with the Drupal or WordPress CMS (Content Management System).

Choosing a web design CMS (Content Management System) for your website involves some clear choices. It could be WordPress or Drupal if made by InternetQuest. Drupal excels with some projects whereas WordPress excels in others. WordPress is the default CMS unless there are other reasons to go with Drupal. Drupal is the choice for large institutional websites with many contributors who need solid access to the inside of the website. Many institutions use Drupal. Drupal can easily make simple websites but expanding the website into e-commerce or many other more simple expansions usually involves relatively expensive development.

WordPress expansion is fairly easy. Going one step further and choosing a WordPress theme that has expansion in mind is another big plus. Drupal (building websites by the drop) is a fun CMS to work with and several of my websites are Drupal but my system of choice is a premium WordPress theme.

eCommerce can be accomplished with WordPress WooCommerce or we can assist in setting up a Shopify website. Read more about eCommerce.

Web Hosting

We have a reseller account at inmotion hosting. You can manage your own account or we can manage it for you. Either way the price is the same. $5.45 per month. Here are some features of your inmotion hosting account.

  • Solid State Drives. Your Account is using Solid State Drives (SSDs), a type of hard drive that uses no mechanical parts and provides substantial performance upgrades from traditional spinning drives. Solid State Drives give you faster read/write speeds, can handle more disk requests and can push through significantly more data than a standard Hard Disk Drive (HDD). SSDs perform about 20 times faster than HDDs. SSDs are able to push through about 65% more data from the server. During times of high I/O requests, these data numbers rose to approximately 95% when compared to HDDs. Bottom line: the SSD upgrade to Reseller Hosting plans means improved performance, increased uptime and lower power needs.
  • RAID6, SSD Drives.  Your account is provisioned with RAID 6. RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a way of storing the data on multiple hard disks to improve performance and increase fault tolerance. RAID 6 provides increased throughput compared to other RAID types without sacrificing life span. In the rare event a hard drive fails, the machine continues to serve your site, and we seamlessly replace the failed drive from our on hand supply.
  • Cent OS:Enterprise Class Linux. Your account uses CentOS, the most popular version of Linux for web servers. It is a free enterprise class computing platform with 100% binary compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) which it is derived from. With its ever‐growing base of users and community contributors, CentOS is constantly tested and updated to ensure its users have a stable and secure hosting environment. InMotion has utilized CentOS as its primary server operating system for over 10 years. Our technical teams know how to optimize CentOS for peak performance and stability.
  • BetterLinux. BetterLinux provides unprecedented control over system resource allocation and user privacy, which are common concerns with shared hosting in general. On our servers, you don’t have to worry about the activity of other customers affecting the performance of your website, and vice‐versa.
  • SSH Access. Your account uses SSH access that is truly secure. Through a combination of BetterLinux and our customized Jailshell, we are able to ensure that users can only see what belongs to them.
  • High Disk Space and Monthly Bandwidth.  Although not unlimited, the total Disk Space of my R-3000S Reseller Account is 160GB and the total Monthly Bandwidth of my R-3000S Reseller Account is 1,600GB.
  • The popular cPanel interface is used.
  • Backups. We provide, included with your account, a complete backup solution. This occurs automatically unless otherwise requested. The following limits apply to the backups included with your account: Restoring your account is free, but limited to once every 4 months. A fee of $49 will apply for any additional restores. Sites larger than 10GB will not be backed up automatically.
  • Green Data Centers. Rather than simply offset like other hosting companies, we utilize advanced Outside Air Cooling technology in our LA data center, cutting cooling costs by nearly 70% and reducing our carbon footprint by more than 2000 tons per year.