Internetquest WordPress and Drupal

Internetquest WordPress and Drupal. Choosing a web design CMS (Content Management System) for your website involves some clear choices. It could be WordPress or Drupal if made by InternetQuest. Drupal excels with some projects whereas WordPress excels in others. WordPress is the default CMS unless there are other reasons to go with Drupal. Drupal is the choice for large institutional websites with many contributors who need solid access to the inside of the website. Many institutions use Drupal. Drupal can easily make simple websites but expanding the website into e-commerce or many other more simple expansions usually involves relatively expensive development. WordPress expansion is fairly easy. Going one step further and choosing a WordPress theme that has expansion in mind is another big plus. Drupal (building websites by the drop) is a fun CMS to work with and several of my websites are Drupal but my system of choice is a premium WordPress theme.